Drew League

Meet Shannin Sharpe, a 6-foot-1 guard who played two uneventful seasons at the University of Colorado, most recently in 2012.

This is what Shannin Sharpe can do:

Hoooooly crap that was vicious. Like, that was Scottie-Pippen-on-Patrick Ewing vicious. That was Blake-Griffin-on-Timofey-Mozgov vicious. Hell, that may have been Vince-Carter-on-Frederic-Weis vicious.

The victim of Sharpe’s dunk, who has (mercifully) not been publicly identified, must have been feeling pretty good about himself after blocking that first shot, but he flew a little to close to the sun in trying to stuff Sharpe and got put on one hell of a poster.

Here’s the play from another angle:

Legacy’s @shannsharpe2 threw down the NASTIEST dunk of the summer at #thedrew today. 😱😱😱

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Anonymous big man may have been felled by hubris, but he did teach us all one valuable lesson: If you see Shannin Sharpe going up for a dunk, get out of the way.

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