What began as a few fun teens yamming in strangers’ driveways has turned into social media’s latest trend, the #DriveByDunkChallenge. The terms are simple: drive around your neighborhood looking for driveway basketball hoops, run out of your car, and dunk on it. A simple, great, not-annoying social media trend.

We’ve already seen a handful of NBA players take part in the Drive-By Dunk Challenge, and none did so more viciously than Celtics wing Jaylen Brown, which isn’t a surprise given what we saw in Summer League. Most of these dunks have been on unattended hoops, but Brown decided to show his hops off to some strangers.

Kings rookie De’Aaron Fox got flashy with a 360, through-the-legs slam.

Meanwhile, Pelicans star Anthony Davis went for something a little more ordinary.

Kentucky coach John Calipari found a rim far shorter than 10 feet and left the ball behind at the scene of his posterization, but give the 58-year-old some credit for still getting off the ground.

It’s been fun watching big NBA names get in on the challenge, but the best clips have come from the random teens (and cops) who are just trying to find something to do with their summer.

Bitch I'll dunk on your court ? #DrivebyDunkChallenge

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Unfortunately, not every Drive-By Dunk ends well.

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