Dwyane Wade’s style inspiration is apparently Cruella de Vil – at least that’s what his latest outfit screams.

The Chicago Bulls guard posted a photo on Twitter of a new outfit, with the caption “2017 here I come!!!!” While it’s great Wade is ready for the new year, his outfit was, um… interesting. Particularly, his coat, which looked like a much more depressing, alternate ending to 101 Dalmations.  It’s great Wade has translated his confidence on the court, to think he has the ability to pull an outfit like this off, but the look is a total airball.

Of course, Twitter responded with some heat towards Wade.


It’s a bold, expensive look. But, unfortunately, it’s the type of Avant-Garde bullshit that works more in theory, than in execution. But props to D-Wade for taking a photo, looking at it, and deeming his outfit was cool enough to post on social media. That takes courage.

2016 was terrible, and if D-Wade intends on using 2017 as his outlet to post new, wild outfits, it might somehow be worse.

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