Millennials get blamed for nearly everything. And while most of it is unearned, sometimes they do bring it upon themselves. This is one of those times.

Millennial sports fan haters may want to avert their eyes before scrolling any further. What you are about to see may send you into an uncontrollable rage.

At last night’s Bucks-Thunder matchup in Milwaukee, one young Thunder “fan” took bandwagon jumping from a season-by-season occurrence, all the way down to a play-by-play one. He began the night in a Russell Westbrook  jersey, but when his original hero was stuffed by Bucks big man Giannis Antetokounmpo, Westbrook was quickly replaced.

While the trend of regionalism in rooting interests is likely down thanks to unprecedented access to teams all over the planet, this doesn’t fundamentally alter the concept of loyalty. You may have a favorite team well outside where you live, but as long as you remain loyal then other fans should respect your allegiances.

In other words, it’s fine to be a Thunder/Westbrook fan living in Milwaukee — maybe just don’t switch things up in the middle of the game, no matter how incredible the play was. (Although, this play certainly was fantastic, but that’s beside the point.)

The jersey switch certainly has a whiff of being staged, but I’m sure many wouldn’t find this sort of thing all that far fetched. Millennial-hero Drake has basically made it cool to be a fair-weather fan, so what’s stopping one of his faithful from doing the same on a minute-by-minute basis? Nothing, and that’s perfectly fine. People should be allowed to root for the teams they want no matter how shallow the reasons — they just shouldn’t expect to earn the respect of their fellow fans in the process.

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