James Harden on Sugar and Toys.

There have been plenty of sports references on animated shows over the years, from The Simpsons through Futurama, Family Guy and much more, and through recent animated efforts focused entirely on sports (such as Special 1 TV and Game of Zones). One of the latest comes on cable channel Fuse‘s new late-night animated show Sugar and Toys, a series created by Carl Jones and Brian Ash (Black Dynamite and The Boondocks) that “puts a wild new twist on the Saturday morning cartoons we grew up with.” This Sunday’s episode will feature a parody of Houston Rockets’ star James Harden talking about how flopping can be a beneficial strategy beyond the basketball court (language warning):

“Hi, I’m James Harden, and when most people hear the word ‘flopping,’ they think of me spazzing out on the hardwood pretending to have a seizure or some shit all to get a fake-ass foul called on my opponent. Shitty, stinky, bad motherfucking unsportsmanlike bullshit, you say? Hey bro, hate the game, not the player. But now, I can help you use flopping to get out of all the shit you don’t want to do, like doing the dishes, walking the dog, and raising your kids. Can’t is the new won’t. Just follow the easy steps in our patented guide and you’ll be flopping your way away from shit you probably should do. But hey! There’s no instant replay in real life. Remember, if you ain’t down, just fall down. Learn how flopping can work for you. Hey, are we done with the commercial yet? [flops]”

Those are pretty funny comments from the animated parody of Harden. And they definitely fits into the wider conversation about flopping in basketball (and in other sports, including soccer). The full episode of Sugar and Toys in question can be seen on Fuse Sunday night at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

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