One year later, it’s safe to say Oklahoma City has not forgiven Kevin Durant for leaving the hometown Thunder for the Golden State Warriors.

On Saturday, the official Oklahoma City Instagram account trolled Durant by posting a photo of his face on the cover of Sports Illustrated with the caption, “Don’t forget: You can recycle magazines in your little blue bin.”

The post appears to have been deleted, but here’s a screenshot, via The Oklahoman.

So yeah, if you were wondering whether Thunder fans were happy to see their former hero succeed, there’s your answer. Those Oklahomans do not forget, apparently.

It’s good to see the city recycling, however. Maybe the paper those discarded SIs will be reused next year when Durant and Golden State win another NBA title.

UPDATE: The city of Oklahoma City has informed us that the jab at Durant has, in fact, not been deleted. It was part of an Instagram “story.”

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