Steve Koonin Hawks Tinder Night

Talk about a worthwhile promotion night. Over two years ago, Hawks fans Ben McCleskey and Avery Armstrong attended a Hawks game as their first date on Swipe Right Night for Tinder couples. Now they’re getting a free wedding out of it.

The couple returned for the second Swipe Right Night in 2016. After that, Hawks CEO Steve Koonin gave his promise to host and pay for the wedding if the couple eventually got married, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“If they get married, the Hawks would be happy to host the wedding,” he said, adding, said he would foot the bill. 

“My treat,” he said.

Well, Ben and Avery recently had a child, and now they’re ready to tie the knot.

And the Hawks quickly responded on Twitter that they intend to follow through on their promise.

Here’s how Koonin responded to the news on the Hawks’ team site:

“Avery and Ben: We are super excited for how your relationship has grown since you met at our first Swipe Right Night, and I will absolutely make good on my promise for the Hawks to host your wedding. We can’t wait to start making plans and meet your new little one.”

Seems like everyone came out a winner in this one. And they didn’t even need Gronk’s Tinder advice!

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