Vince Carter is 40 years old, and he does things that should not be humanly possible for any 40-year-old. Then again, we’ve written about this odd phenomenon a lot of times.

I mean, there aren’t many people in their 20s or 30s that can do between-the-legs either. And that’s the Vinsanity that took place before the Grizzlies’ game on Tuesday night in New Orleans:

When I first watched that video, I hadn’t read the tweet itself yet. As a result, I thought “oh cool Vince Carter can still knock it down with ease from half court.” And then the end of the video arrived and OH MY GOD VINCE CARTER HOW.

What’s happening exactly Michael? Not a fire drill, but instead I dove into the rabbit hole that is Vince Carter highlights once again.

Okay I’m back.

Oh by the way this is only the second crazy cool thing Vince has done this week to showoff how he isn’t the typical 40-year-old.

All hail Vince Carter.

[Memphis Grizzlies]

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