Any time a star player leaves their team to play elsewhere, many fans suddenly have an old and outdated jersey of a player they probably don’t like anymore. Some people go to social media and burn their jerseys but that’s not the most productive way to discard a jersey. A local car wash in Houston is giving people an alternative to trash their James Harden jerseys after he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets.

Rockets fans Zishan and Mikaeel Quresham own the i Car Wash in Houston and they came up with an idea to provide a free car wash for anyone who showed up to “trash” their Harden jersey.

Zishan told ABC 13, “I just love the Rockets. I’m really heartbroken right now, and as soon as I saw the news I said, ‘You know what, enough is enough.’ So now I’m sharing my heartache with you, Houston, taking jerseys, and I’m just having them trash it.”

Mikaeel, Zishan’s son, followed up, “We lost some memorable players like Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook. We had a good team. He forced them off because he didn’t want to share the ball, and now he’s making us pay for it.”

It’s unclear what exactly will happen with these jerseys but hopefully they’re donated to a Goodwill or similar establishment. Having a big bonfire and burning the jerseys doesn’t help anyone and the needy doesn’t care if Harden’s a Rocket or a Net, they mainly just care about having a shirt or getting the money raised from the sale of that donated shirt. The Quresham’s can possibly help some people, and provide free car washes, while sticking it to the guy who spurned their city.

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