Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas is not impressed with Ben Simmons.

The Philadelphia 76ers decided to rest Simmons in the club’s fourth Summer League game and Thomas wasn’t too pleased with the decision.

“He should be playing tonight. You’ve got people coming into the building, they want to watch him play.  He’s a rookie. Taking selfies and signing autographs, I mean you’re 19. Earn your money, get out on the floor, perform and play. Don’t start developing bad habits right now.” 

Thomas is acting old-school with his comments. I don’t think Simmons sitting out from a Summer League game is going to start him on the path of “bad habits.” It’s a Summer League game. They literally don’t matter. Simmons still showed up, took pictures and signed autographs with fans so it’s not like they’re going home disappointed.

Simmons got hurt in the opening game of the Summer League and a scheduled rest might be the best course of action to make sure he doesn’t re-aggravate an injury. The Summer League is the perfect time to rest somebody. Simmons isn’t playing for a spot on the team, so hypothetically, he doesn’t need to play at all. I’m sure the 76ers know what they’re doing, at least moreso than Thomas.

Thomas has been a mixed bag calling Summer League games. With analysis like this, perhaps he should take a rest himself so he can come back with a more relaxed perspective.

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