J.R. Smith tweets

Cleveland Cavaliers’ wing J.R. Smith has long been known for some colorful tweets, including the infamous “you trying to get the pipe?” DM, so it’s perhaps not surprising that he’d be the player in this NBA Finals creating some drama on Twitter. Following the Cavs’ 118-113 loss to the Golden State Warriors Wednesday, which dropped them behind 3-0 in the series, Smith’s account tweeted “Cavs in 7.” He then quickly deleted the tweet, which raises even more questions. Here’s a screencap of it:

As per SB Nation’s Tim Cato, the tweet went on to grab 37,000 retweets and over 29,000 likes before Smith took it down. However, when Smith was asked about this by Joseph Casciaro of The Score, he said he was hacked, but he liked what the hacker was thinking:

Now that’s a classic quote. Whoever tweeted this, they’re definitely in full-on Believeland mode. We’ll see if the Cavs can live up to that.

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