With the Boston Celtics near the top of the Eastern Conference and being on the up-and-up, fans in Boston would like the team to do anything it can to improve to make a run at the Cleveland Cavaliers and other top teams.

After the Celtics’ fans performance on Tuesday, it’s safe to say they think an upgrade at forward is necessary.

Before the Celtics-Jazz game on Tuesday night, Boston fans cheered for Jazz star forward Gordon Hayward, and it left Celtics forward Jae Crowder very unhappy:

And that fire was lit inside of Crowder for a while after his postgame interview.

A fan tweeted Crowder saying, “Welcome to Boston Jae… love it or leave it” and Crowder replied with this tweet before deleting it:


This isn’t the first time Crowder’s status as one of the Celtics’ big men has been questioned. This past summer, Boston was connected Hayward in a blog sparking this reaction from Crowder.

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