Jaylen Brown dunks on Donovan Mitchell

Jaylen Brown threw down a monster dunk against the Cleveland Cavaliers Friday night, posterizing Donovan Mitchell.

Saturday, the Boston Celtics star relived the moment with an epic tweet trolling Mitchell.

“I’m definitely getting this framed bro,” Brown tweeted, tagging @spidamitchell in the Tweet to make sure he saw it.

Brown’s dunk tied the game at 121 apiece in overtime. Still, the photo doesn’t do the slam justice. Check out the video.


Mitchell had the last laugh Friday night, however, as the Cavaliers defeated the Celtics, 132-123 in overtime. Mitchell had 41 points, while Brown scored 32 for Boston.

NBA fans wasted no time responding to Brown’s troll. Most seemed to think his Tweet was out of place given the final score. In fact, no one seemed to think the Tweet was a good idea.

“Frame this too,” one fan tweeted, showing the final score.

“You got a meaningless dunk we got this,” another tweeted, showing the scoreboard.

“Did you win??? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Dunk was nice, but you lost the game. Post this when you win the game next time. No “I” in Team playa,” tweeted someone else.



The Cavaliers improved to 4-1 with the win and are tied for second in the Eastern Conference. The Celtics dropped to 3-2.

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