Is tension between the two keeping Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell from passing the ball to Rudy Gobert? Their coach, Quin Snyder, does not think so.

Snyder spoke on the matter. He not only tried to dispel the idea that Mitchell isn’t passing to Gobert but tried to shoot down the notion of a rift between the two stars.

“The inference there is that he doesn’t pass to him and there’s a problem between the two of them. I haven’t seen that. I haven’t seen that, at all. They sit at the same table when they eat sometimes. I don’t know if they ride to practice together — probably not. Let’s just not try to drive a wedge. And especially using numbers, let’s be more responsible than that.”

Because as we all know, nothing is more irresponsible than citing numbers.

Some people disagreed with Snyder’s words and don’t see a bright future for the Jazz.

Others had a hard time hearing what Snyder was saying, choosing to focus more on his outfit.

A popular notion was that Snyder looked like a member of the old WWE stable, The Shield — which is hard to dispute.

We did just have WrestleMania. Two of the Shield’s former members, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, were in high-profile matches. The third, Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley, is going strong on the AEW roster. It would be a nice, somewhat timely tribute.

We can only hope that Mike Conley doesn’t smack Gobert in the back with a chair. Then, the comparisons would be eerie.

But while The Shield was the most popular comparison Snyder drew, it was not the only one. Far from it, in fact.

The lesson, as always — the internet remains undefeated.

[Dana Greene]


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