Something tells me Jeanie Buss won’t be sending Christmas cards to her brothers Jim and Johnny this holiday season.

According to Nathan Fenno and Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times, the Buss Brothers attempted to oust Jeanie as the president and controlling owner of the Los Angeles Lakers. Jeanie reportedly sought to get a restraining order so that her brothers couldn’t elect a new board of directors without her presence.

The overthrowal attempt stems from Jeanie’s decision last month to fire Jim as Lakers head of basketball operations and replace him with Magic Johnson.

Johnny, meanwhile, still serves as VP of strategic development for the team. Both brothers are currently co-owners of the Lakers. However, Jean is the controlling owner.

Buss’ attorney told the L.A. Times that the Buss brothers “don’t have a legal leg to stand on”:

“This is no doubt the beginning and not the end of the game-playing,” Adam Streisand, the attorney for Jeanie Buss, told The Times. “They don’t have a legal leg to stand on. This is a legal strategy doomed for failure.”

Unfortunately, it appears infighting within the family put the Lakers ownership future in temporary peril. Jeanie certainly had the power to fire Jim and hire Johnson, but the situation becomes more awkward considering their sibling relationship and the fact he remains a co-owner. Jim feels scorned. Fighting the decision and attempting to overthrow Jeanie throws fuel on the fire. It’s toxic.

In May, a court trial will be held to resolve the situation. I’d imagine things will get much uglier before a resolution is decided.

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