The things some parents will do in order to give their children the best possible opportunities in life should never be taken for granted. Jeremy Lin’s mother, Shirley, went so far as to take money out of her 401k in order to be able to get Lin through the NBA Draft process. Needless to say, that was a gamble that paid off quite well.

How much Shirley Lin took out is not confirmed, nor is it really important. What is important is the dedication she had to give her Harvard-educated son a chance to play in the NBA. It’s not as though players from Harvard have a great path to the NBA, but Lin managed to pave it.

Lin ended up going undrafted in the 2010 NBA Draft, but he caught some eyes in the NBA summer league and as a rookie with the Golden State Warriors. Then something amazing happened; Linsanity in New York. From there, Lin was pretty much set even though he has been on three different teams since playing with the Knicks. This year he returns to New York to play for the Brooklyn Nets. Though he may be a journeyman in the league, he has reason to be humble about his career, and will likely never forget to thank his mother for helping make it all possible.


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