If you’re a sports fan (likely, given you’re reading this site) who’s watched Jeopardy! (likely, given you’re alive), you’ve probably enjoyed a good laugh when contestants whiff on very obvious sports questions.

It happens a lot, because a lot of people who are on the show aren’t exactly people who spend a lot of time watching sports. There are obvious, numerous exceptions, but there are also plenty of examples of a $200 level clue going completely unanswered, which means we’re in for a long (albeit often unintentionally hilarious) category.

Tonight was one of those nights, as a question (answer) about Joel Embiid’s nickname prompted an incredibly inaccurate answer (question):

Responding with “Do a 180!” with such confidence when you’re not even close is a hell of a tough scene. The Sixers are off tonight amidst a West Coast road trip, and Embiid is one of the most online athletes of all time, so he inevitably saw it. And not only did he change his Twitter name to reflect the moment, he even shared a relevant clip:

Embiid has a long history of objectively entertaining social media usage, but this has to be near the top. Paul did win tonight’s episode, so congratulations to him overall; he was maybe the first person to ever win a game of Jeopardy! and be dunked on by an NBA player on the same day.

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