Joel Embiid heading down a slide at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas.

Philadelphia 76ers’ star center Joel Embiid is on vacation at the Atlantis Paradise Resort in the Bahamas, and he’s having quite the time. On Sunday, he posted a video of him playing one-on-one and dunking ferociously on his opponent:

But on Saturday, it was Embiid getting dunked on. (At least metaphorically.) Sixers’ co-owner Michael Rubin posted an Instagram photo of Embiid going down a giant waterslide with a caption saying it took 37 minutes of convincing to get him to try it:

He also posted a video of Embiid backing out:

But hey, that’s maybe understandable, considering that this slide has a 60-foot drop and “sends you directly into a shark filled aquarium“:

Rubin’s dunking on Embiid didn’t stop there, though, as he also made fun of him taking a much smaller waterslide:

And then literally dunked him in a lazy river:

But hey, Embiid got an impressive dunk of his own in on Sunday. And he did go down the slide in the end! So this certainly hasn’t been all bad for him. Maybe it’s just a case of trusting the vacation process.

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