Former Kansas star Josh Jackson made plenty of positive headlines during his one season with the Jayhawks for high-flying dunks and glowing scouting reports, but he also made a ton of negative news as well. You may remember he was the subject of a vandalism investigation from an incident in December that resulted in a misdemeanor charge. Jackson received an underwhelming one-game suspension during the Big 12 Tournament, and then he was accused of trying to bribe a victim to make the case go away.

Now Jackson has entered a 12-month diversion agreement that includes attending anger management classes, abstaining from alcohol and recreational and writing an apology letter, according to court records obtained by The Kansas City Star. He also faces a 20-hour community service requirement. Jackson already paid several hundred dollars to the father of Kansas women’s basketball player McKenzie Calvert, whose car Jackson vandalized outside a bar in December. If Jackson breaks the diversion agreement during the 12 months, he’ll owe the Calverts another $3,150.45. If that number seems oddly specific to you, it’s the repair cost for Calvert’s car.

We’ll see if this has any affect on Jackson’s draft stock. He’s a consensus top-five player in the 2017 draft class — most likely a top-three pick — and even a darkhorse for the No. 1 pick.

If Jackson successfully completes the diversion agreement, the case against him will be dismissed.

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