Josh Jackson gets rejected by the rim in a Summer League game.

There’s plenty of hype about Phoenix Suns’ forward Josh Jackson, who was chosen fourth overall in this year’s draft after an impressive college season at Kansas. However, Jackson didn’t have great luck on one particular dunk attempt against the Dallas Mavericks in NBA Summer League action Sunday, getting rejected by the rim:

Yeah, that’s not the desired result at all. And this isn’t the first embarrassing missed dunk Jackson has had. Consider this one from this year’s NCAA tournament:

And this isn’t even Jackson’s most embarrassing highlight since being drafted. The 50 Cent-esque terrible first pitch he threw out at a Diamondbacks’ game might have been worse:

That’s not how you’re going to make people regret passing on you, Josh. However, he’s had good Summer League moments as well, including an 18-and-eight performance against the Kings. And he had 15 and nine against the Mavericks Sunday (although the Suns lost 88-77). That will help make up for this failed dunk.

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