Justin Bieber has heard the criticisms of his basketball form and he will not let it bother him. It doesn’t bother him so much that The Biebs decided to head to the New Jersey Nets practice facility and make a video of himself dropping thee-point shots.

Let’s be perfectly honest here. Bieber’s form is not spectacular. Sometimes his jump shot looks like something that was animated for the Super Nintendo version of NBA Live ’95. This is also an edited video, which leaves the possibility Bieber actually went something like 15-of-96 for all we know. Maybe he had a better shooting percentage than that, but we’re calling for a FOIA request to see any shots that were left on the editing floor before this video went live.

Of course, Bieber has shown us that he’s got some game in the past. A much more innocent-aged Justin took home the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game MVP trophy back in 2011. For whatever that is worth.


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