Justin Bieber wears a lot of different jerseys and while many teams and fans of those teams try to claim the singers fandom, he seems to keep his diehard allegiances at a distance and prefers to appreciate many teams.

Because the Cleveland Cavaliers swept the Detroit Pistons, a potential scheduling conflict between the Cavs and Bieber was avoided and Bieber was able to have his concert at Quicken Loans Arena last night.

Bieber went one further and delighted the Cleveland crowd by wearing a personalized #6 Cavs jersey and said that he thought the Cavs would win the NBA Championship this year, surely earning some cheers from the crowd. Call it pandering to the crowd or being thankful that the Cavs won so his concert could happen on time but Bieber hit some low hanging fruit by wearing a Cavs jersey in the same arena the Cavs play toward a Cleveland crowd.

Whatever the reason, it seemed like the Cleveland fans had a good time.

Thanks to sweeping the Pistons, Matthew Dellavedova rewarded himself by going to the concert in a suite.

Given the state of the NBA, it’s going to be tough for anyone but the Warriors to win the NBA championship this year. It’s going to be tough for anyone in the Eastern Conference to win the NBA championship this year. Either way, the Cavs have Bieber behind them for this postseason, unless he’s performing in Oakland sometime next month.

[FTW/Photo: @BrandonBCSN]

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