While it’s technically not one of the fundamentals of basketball, one thing a player must know is to make sure your shot goes in before doing anything else. For Charlotte Hornets player Kemba Walker, he assumed his shot went in and as the old saying goes, made an ass out of you and me.

During Thursday’s game against the Miami Heat, Walker threw up a 3-point attempt. While the ball bounced around the rim and backboard, Walker began heading back toward the defensive end, already celebrating a shot he had already made. Or so he thought. However, this poor soul did not release the ball didn’t go in. As he was dancing and making a fool of himself, the rest of the world realized that the ball did not go in. But not poor Kemba.

Thankfully for Walker, there are others who can relate to his pain. There’s Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers, a player who was infected by premature celebration back in 2014. His sickness seems to have caught on with some of his fellow NBAers.

These poor, poor souls. They just want to celebrate a made basket, but all they can do is look like a fool. Won’t you be a help to these premature celebrators and lend a hand today?

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