Kevin Durant

Maybe more than any other major sport, the NBA is a superstar-driven league. And with that in mind, the NBA world got some pretty concerning news on Monday afternoon that Brooklyn Nets megastar Kevin Durant will be sidelined for an extended period of time.

As reported by NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN on Monday, Kevin Durant is expected to be sidelined for a month with an MCL sprain.

The Nets announced on Monday that Durant had been diagnosed with “an isolated MCL sprain” of his right knee and revealed that he will be re-evaluated on his condition in two weeks. However, Wojnarowski reported that his sources expect Durant to be sidelined for about a month.

It’s pretty massive news for one of the league’s top stars, the NBA world had plenty to say about it on Twitter.

“as a Kevin Durant fan … this is terrible news. league is better when EasyMoneySniper is playing,” Ashley Nicole Moss of Sports Illustrated said on Twitter.

“No reason to rush KD back before the All-Star break… Nets first game back after the break is Feb. 24 That would give Durant six full weeks,” NBA podcast host Tommy Breer said in a tweet.

“last time KD was out this long (but longer), Nets lost 11 straight games, Dropped from 1 seed to 10, James Harden demanded a trade, James Harden was traded,” Nets fan account Netszn pointed out on Twitter.

“I’m looking at this as he will be out January, back at the beginning of February. So a little over 3 weeks,” the Brooklyn Netcast said in a tweet.

Durant was sidelined for six weeks with a similar injury last season, but according to Wojnarowski, this injury is not believed to be quite as severe.

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