Kings troll Cavaliers

With the Cleveland Cavaliers in the midst of a midseason slump, teams are getting their chance to take down the defending NBA champions, and some of them are bragging about it.

This includes the Sacramento Kings. The 18-27 Kings defeated the 30-14 Cavs 116-112 in overtime Wednesday. Sacramento was clearly excited about the win, and the team’s official Twitter account trolled Cleveland about it:

I’m all for trolling, but the Kings look a little tacky here. After all, Sacramento is well under .500, and they barely won in overtime here. If this were a playoff series rather than a random Wednesday night game, the Kings would be probably be lucky if the game was even close.

And as we already mentioned, the Cavaliers are struggling. We’ve seen Cleveland lose a number of games and have LeBron James freak out before. This year’s panic in BelieveLand has caused the New York Knicks to reportedly offer Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love straight up. James’ words to the media have resulted in a meeting with the Cavs’ general manager to discuss matters surrounding the team.

Finally, let’s remind those in Sacramento that this is a regular season game. All in all, Cleveland could get in as the No. 8 seed in the East and still be considered a favorite to go to the NBA Finals. Keep trolling, Kings, but really, the Cavaliers look to be in better shape overall.

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