Have you ever heard your dad, grandparent or grumpy uncle complain about how today’s sporting events are too loud and boisterous with the excessive amount of in-game entertainment, stunts and blaring music?

Then odds are they would have enjoyed sitting in Madison Square Garden for the first half of Sunday’s game against the Golden State Warriors. For one half of play, the Knicks offered absolutely no in-game entertainment or music during timeouts and other breaks in the action in an attempt to serve today’s game with a throwback atmosphere.

No music. No video. No promotions. No timeout games. No gimmicks. Just the ambiance of sitting in Madison Square Garden.

The Knicks are celebrating their 70th season in Madison Square Garden, so going radio silent for one half was a good way to show how the game would have been observed 70 years ago, or as close as today’s game can possibly get to mimicking that atmosphere.

This is a pretty neat idea and it is one that we can’t help but wonder will be emulated or attempted again in the future. Considering something like this could potentially cut away from advertising dollars, it would be unlikely this is a trend that returns to the game with any consistency, but it may be a good way to remind fans in attendance at a game how much a game can be enjoyed without the extra amenities and distractions going on.

It seems to be well-received by even the most critical of Knicks fans.

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  1. Are we sure the organ music wasn’t around 70 years ago? It seems like something from the 1800s.

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