Do you love James Dolan’s funky grooves, and Who Will Save Your Soul singer Jewel? Well, I’ve got some news that’s going to rock your world.

The New York Knicks owner was flagged down by some TMZ paparazzi and was asked what his band, JD & The Straight Shot, was up to, and he dropped the exclusive that they’d be opening for Jewel.

Dolan’s band just released their newest album Ballyhoo! last week, and it features some music like the hit single Better Find A Church, in which Dolan duets in a fedora.

The former Grammy-nominated Jewel doesn’t carry the weight she used to back in the late 90’s, but her last album Picking up the Pieces hit number 28 on the Billboard 200, so she’s still somewhat relevant. Why she would choose Dolan’s band to open for her? I have no idea. They’re not as awful as Dolan is as an owner, but they don’t sound like they should be opening for her. I’m assuming money spoke louder than talent in this situtation.

Jewel’s been all over the sports world recently, as she’s reportedly dating NFL quarterback Charlie Whitehurst.

As for Dolan, he was also asked if he’d ever take the New York Knicks to Latvia to visit Kristaps Porzingis’ home country, and he said he’d be open to the idea. So that’d be neat.


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