Kyrie Irving Sep 26, 2022; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving (11) talks to the media during media day at HSS Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving is in hot water this week after sharing (and refusing to delete) a social media share of a 2018 film that’s widely considered to be antisemitic.

The Nets condemned Irving’s actions. Irving himself declared that he is “an OMNIST” who meant “no disrespect to anyone’s religious beliefs.”

Irving’s controversial share still stood Saturday when the NBA released a statement on the situation:

“Hate speech of any kind is unacceptable and runs counter to the NBA’s values of equality, inclusion and respect. We believe we have a role to play in ensuring such words or ideas, including antisemitic ones, are challenged and refuted and we will continue working with all members of the NBA community to ensure that everyone understands the impact of their words and actions.”

The NBA world was quick to notice that the league’s statement on Irving’s perceived antisemitism did not mention the Nets guard by name.

“So is this in reference to one of the NBA’s biggest names promoting an anti-Semitic book or the recently released draft pick exposing himself? Specificity is key, NBA,” Maggie Hendricks wrote, referencing the San Antonio Spurs‘ release of Anthony Primo.

“And this would be regarding?….” David Aldridge asked.

“*sighs* this is not a refutation or a challenge. It’s just boilerplate. Player: posts link to antisemitic film based on antisemitic book. League: That’s not what we’re about, we swear. Still League: our work here is done,” Gordon Gross wrote.

“UPDATE: The NBA fixed the spelling of ‘antisemitic’ but left the rest of this weak-a** meaningless statement alone,” Russ Bengtson wrote.

“Typo fixed. But still no context for casual users,” Bill Shea wrote.

Irving and the Nets are next in action Monday night when they host the Indiana Pacers.

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