Kyrie Irving in April 2022.

Brooklyn Nets star point guard Kyrie Irving created headlines this week when he became the latest celebrity to share antisemitic messaging.

Irving shared a link last Thursday to a 2018 movie that has been heavily criticized as antisemitic.

The Nets condemned Irving’s move. Irving, for his part, said he is “an OMNIST” and that he meant “no disrespect to anyone’s religious beliefs.”

Irving’s controversial social media share still stood Saturday night when the NBA released a statement on the situation without naming Irving by name:

“Hate speech of any kind is unacceptable and runs counter to the NBA’s values of equality, inclusion and respect,” the statement reads. “We believe we have a role to play in ensuring such words or ideas, including antisemitic ones, are challenged and refuted and we will continue working with all members of the NBA community to ensure that everyone understands the impact of their words and actions.”

The NBA has yet to announce if a punishment, if any, will befall Irving.

The Nets are next in action Monday night when they host the Indiana Pacers. On the season, Irving is averaging 29.6 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 4.4 assists. The Nets are currently 1-4, which is good for 13th place in the current Eastern Conference standings.