Kyrie Irving in March 2022. Mar 8, 2022; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving (11) reacts after scoring during the second half against the Charlotte Hornets at the Spectrum Center. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets came into the 2021-22 season with hopes of a championship but ultimately fell incredibly short of that goal in a big way, losing in the first round of the playoffs to the Boston Celtics in a four-game sweep.

Things have not gotten any better this offseason, as rumors have been surrounding Nets star point guard Kyrie Irving.

Irving and the Nets have had little success in their discussions about a potential return to the team. It was previously reported that Irving could be a potential sign-and-trade option if he and the Nets can’t reach an agreement.

It appears that will be the case moving forward, as the Nets have seemingly made a decision on Irving. The organization has given Irving permission to seek a sign-and-trade, which certainly suggests that he will no longer be in Brooklyn going forward.

This could also play a big factor in Kevin Durant’s future with the Nets, as he previously said he was “monitoring the situation” regarding Irving’s potential exit from Brooklyn.

Many around the NBA world seem to believe that the Nets are crumbling before our eyes.

The Nets will now try to get as many assets as possible in return for Irving, who ultimately had an extremely tumultuous relationship with the Nets in his three years with the organization.

Irving has missed more games for the Nets than he has played in three seasons, missing 123 games and only playing 103. That’s in large part due to his COVID-19 vaccination status, which caused him to miss a large part of last season.

When on the court, Irving has always been excellent. But it has to be getting to the point where the headache that he brings to an organization may outweigh the potential impact that he brings on the court.

Regardless, he will land somewhere this offseason and it will certainly be interesting to monitor moving forward.

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