On Monday, TMZ reported that Carmelo and his reality star wife La La have separated after nearly seven years of marriage.

There are several reported reasons for this.

Originally, TMZ suggested maybe the stress of the just-finished NBA season, in which Carmelo’s Knicks went 31-51 amid rampant dysfunction, wore on the couple.

We’re told the couple’s had ups and downs in the past, but the current NBA season has been extremely stressful on the marriage for several months. Carmelo’s been plagued by trade talks … with the Knicks looking to move him to another team.

Then on Tuesday, TMZ came back with another, slightly more salacious, explanation for La La and Carmelo’s marital discord. Carmelo reportedly had an affair with a dancer at a gentleman’s club, and now she claims to be pregnant.

Multiple sources tell us … the other woman often works at a gentlemen’s club in NYC, and we’re told she’s claiming to be 6 and a half months pregnant with Melo’s child. 

We’re also told she has made it clear to Melo she expects him to kick in for medical expenses and other baby related costs. 

Sources close to both Melo and La La are telling us the marriage has been rocky for a while — and while the pregnancy wasn’t the tipping point, it certainly didn’t help.

Yeah, secret affairs that lead to unplanned pregnancies won’t help any marriage.

It sounds like Carmelo and La La were in trouble before this run-in with a dancer and before Knicks president Phil Jackson basically promised to jettison Melo. But hey, stuff starts to add up.

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