Via Serena Winters,

No one will ever accuse nine-year-old Marcus McQueen of doing something to it’s fullest.

Marcus and his father drove all the way from Illinois to Minneapolis and the Target Center to watch the Los Angeles Lakers play the Minnesota Timberwolves last night. A die-hard Kobe Bryant fan, he made one stop before headed out to the game. The barber shop.

Three and a half hours later, McQueen had an uncannily-good Kobe Bryant portrait shaved into the back of his head.

Take a moment to appreciate the detail. The eyebrows. The chisel of the cheeks. The stern look of disappointment as Kobe watches you do something not nearly as well as he thinks he can do it. It’s all there.

Marcus told ESPN this was the first time he’d gotten the chance to see Kobe play in person. Clearly, he wanted to make it count.

The bad news is that despite Kobe’s 11 points, his Lakers lost 123-122 in overtime. Perhaps even worse now, Marcus has to deal with his schoolmates who probably have a million questions about the man carved into the back of his head.

We’d love to see what it looks like in two weeks once it grows out. Maybe it’ll give us a sneak peek at what a post-retirement Kobe Bryant looks like.


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