One quarter into Monday’s game against the Toronto Raptors, it’s fair to say that things aren’t going swimmingly for the Los Angeles Lakers.

In fact, only one quarter into the game, the Lakers were left staring at a deficit of more than 20 points.

Things have been rough for the Lakers in recent weeks, and given the starpower on the team, NBA fans normally have strong reactions when things don’t go well.

Monday was no different.

Bad games happen and bad quarters definitely happen. But the Lakers did something on Monday that had never happened in the near 43 full seasons that have taken place since the NBA added the three-point line.

And in the interest of fairness, things weren’t going any better for Los Angeles in the low post.

The good news is, in the second quarter, the Lakers finally made a three-point shot.

Los Angeles entered Monday’s game 9-19 since January 9. On that day, the Lakers lost a game to snap a four-game winning streak, which had moved them to 21-19 on the season.

There have been some positive moments since, such as a win over the Golden State Warriors and another against the Washington Wizards. But judging by the surrounding moments, those were just a small oasis in a big desert.

Barring something dramatic, it’s going to be awfully hard to put a positive spin on this game.

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