Russell Westbrook Lakers nasty cut versus Spurs

The Los Angeles Lakers took on the San Antonio Spurs on Friday, and things got chippy between the two teams following a flagrant foul involving Lakers star Russell Westbrook.

The foul occurred late in the third quarter when Spurs forward Zach Collins attempted to block Westbrook in the paint after Westbrook got multiple rebounds.

As Westbrook was going up for a layup, Collins came down hard and seemingly connected on Westbrook’s face with his elbow.

Westbrook instantly got in the face of Collins, visibly upset about the hard hit that he received. Collins was ultimately issued a flagrant 2 foul for the incident, resulting in an immediate ejection from the game.

After both teams calmed down, Westbrook realized that he had a massive cut on his forehead from the foul that was dripping blood.

He instantly got a towel to stop the blood from dripping on the court, and was later taken back to the locker room to get it looked at.

While the foul didn’t look all that dangerous on the replay, it is clear that it caused some major damage to Westbrook’s face.

Luckily for the Lakers, Westbrook was able to return to the bench in the fourth quarter after it was determined that the cut did not require stitches.

Despite a poor start for the Lakers to begin the year, they have managed to turn things around as of late, winning four of their last five games.

Russell Westbrook has been criticized immensely during his time in Los Angeles, but it certainly seems like his teammates had his back during this incident.

[Photo Credit: Spectrum Sportsnet on Twitter]

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