Russell Westbrook

The relationship between Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers hasn’t exactly been a match made in Heaven. Things haven’t gone particularly well for either the team or player in the two seasons since he joined the Lakers. Because of that, the wording of a recent report has brought out the comedian in several NBA fans.

Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report recently proposed a four-team trade that would end with Los Angeles acquiring Chris Paul and Westbrook ending up on the Charlotte Hornets. And while some big names would be on the move in that deal, it’s just one person’s idea based on the knowledge of what a few teams are looking to do. No, the interesting part of Pincus’ article is that the Lakers “have concerns about his (Westbrook’s) playoff viability, per multiple sources.”

Following Monday’s loss to the Brooklyn Nets, the Lakers are 23-28. That has them 2.5 games behind the Utah Jazz, who currently occupy the No. 10 (and therefore, final play-in spot) in the Western Conference, with both the Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trail Blazers between Los Angeles and Utah. Even getting into the No. 10 — or No. 9 — spot would put the Lakers in a single-elimination game that if they won, would put them into another single-elimination game, before making the playoffs.

Furthermore, Los Angeles didn’t make the playoffs last season, going 33-49 in Westbrook’s first with the team.

Knowing all of that, several fans made similar jokes upon seeing this report.

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