As James Dolan is publicly feuding with one former Knick great, he’s also attempting to show he does respect the history of the franchise (that he’s run into a ditch) by sitting next to another former Knick with whom he’s publicly feuded with in the past: Latrell Sprewell.

Infamously, Sprewell cursed at James Dolan when he returned to MSG as a Minnesota Timberwolf, and the two haven’t really been friends since. But in Dolan’s desperate, transparent attempt to recoup some PR after the Charles Oakley nightmare, today he sat next to Sprewell as his Knicks hosted the San Antonio Spurs.

Look at how pleased Spree is to be there; there is no place he’d rather be than sitting next to James Dolan at Madison Square Garden. And he showed off his joy when being interview by ABC’s Israel Gutierrez in the game’s early going:

“I’m at a loss for words!” should be the Knicks official slogan.

But Spree does seem, at least publicly, blissfully unaware of the fact that he’s being used as a PR pawn by James Dolan in order to curry favor with a fanbase that wants to drive him out of town as fast as possible. And even better…

The NBA’s official twitter account retweeted this tweet, which adds a whole new layer to this situation. And to make it even better, flanking Dolan on the other side was former Knick Larry Johnson, another piece from the 1999 team that went to the NBA Finals.

Sprewell’s tribute video on the MSG jumbotron did get a nice round of applause from Knicks fans, but no word as to whether it was also greeted with a “free Charles Oakley” chant.

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