Lebron James didn’t play Tuesday night for the Cleveland Cavaliers as Tyronn Lue decided to give his superstar some rest before the impending playoff push. The result was a game in which the Cavs blew a 20-point lead and lost. However, even though he didn’t play, James made his presence felt, basically acting as the second head coach during timeouts. And at some times, you’d have thought he was actually the coach in charge.

The second video is especially uncomfortable as it appears that LeBron and Tyronn are both trying to impart their wisdom to J.R. Smith and you get the sense that Smith is probably tuning in to LeBron more.

This probably isn’t going to do much to dispel those ideas that LeBron oversteps his bounds as well as his coaches on the sidelines. Lue’s admission last month that he literally can’t tell LeBron what to do during games seems to apply to when they’re standing next to one another in suits on the sideline as well.

Remember when people used to joke that LeBron was the real Cavs coach while David Blatt was there. The joke’s on Tyronn Lue now.


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