J.R. Smith in 2016

Everyone often draws their talents from something or somewhere. With many great athletes of the past, many in today’s game often draw or develop moves from past greats to integrate into their playing style today.

Following the Cavs’ 99-84 loss in Game 3 on Saturday, LeBron James and JR Smith were both asked by the media as to who inspires their playing styles on the court. James credits both Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, while Smith…well, let’s just say his inspirations are a little more modern.

LeBron: “We all take something from somebody. I mean, if I shoot a fadeaway, I got it from M.J. Throw a no-look pass, got it from Magic. [points at J.R. Smith] He shoots fadeaway threes, I don’t know who he gets those from, but … we all admire somebody, so …”

Smith: [smiling] “2K.”


Clearly those who think video games are mindless and pointless need to reconsider their positions, especially given the ultra green light Smith apparently has from the Cavs when shooting from three. After all, Smith said it best: when in doubt, just shoot the ball. That is the perfect 2k mentality.

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