lebron james-cleveland cavaliers

LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world and arguably the best basketball player of all-time. That means that, unless you’re Serena Williams or Daniel Day-Lewis or something, he is probably better at his job than you are.

And yet sometimes even he messes up spectacularly, such as in the first quarter of Wednesday’s Cavs-Nets game, when he stole a pass, cruised toward the opposing basket, cocked back his arm and… clanked the dunk.

As far as missed dunks go, this one is pretty bad. Instead of just laying the ball in or throwing down a basic slam, LeBron looked to put on a show with the windmill, and the plan backfired spectacularly. This is not LeBron’s first missed dunk, but it’s up there for most embarrassing. Like, no one was within 10 feet. Most middle-school players could have turned that into two points.

Of course, we don’t mean to condemn LeBron, who is playing at an MVP level in his 15th season in the league but rather to remind you that even The King is a mere mortal, capable of disastrous mistakes.

So next time you royally screw up at work, remember that it happens to everyone sometimes. Even LeBron.

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