LeBron James tacos

You know Taco Tuesday. You probably celebrate Taco Tuesday every now and again (or every week) by gathering with friends at a local taqueria (or Applebee’s) to eat tacos on the 2nd day of the workweek. We’re all in agreement about Taco Tuesday and how it’s a fairly universal concept that restaurants use to goose midweek sales through cheap and delicious tacos.

LeBron James also knows Taco Tuesday. If you’ve followed the NBA superstar on social media long enough you’ve come across a video of him celebrating Taco Tuesday very, very, very effusively.

It all seems fun enough and showcases what seems to be a genuine love of authentic Mexican cuisine that he can share freely with everyone else. In fact, it’s become so much a staple of his weekly routine that his lack of a Taco Tuesday post last week actually caused concern.

But perhaps not? According to trademark lawyer Josh Gerben, it looks like LeBron is trying to trademark Taco Tuesday all for himself.

According to the trademark application made by LBJ Trademarks LLC, LeBron wants to trademark the ubiquitous phrase for “advertising and marketing services” through “indirect methods,” which will include social media, blogging, and a podcast.

It certainly has seemed for a while that LeBron realized this Taco Tuesday thing wasn’t just a catchphrase but a business opportunity, so we shouldn’t be too surprised. It was basically just a matter of time before some kind of taco-related moneymaking scheme appeared. Most people put their assumptions in a line of t-shirts or sneakers. But we suppose a podcast is the least offensive of the possibilities, trademark or not. Lord knows the world needs more food opinion podcasts.

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