LeBron James and Kyrie Irving

At this point, it’s almost certain Kyrie Irving will not play for the Cavs next season. He demanded a trade earlier this month with reports saying he no longer wanted to be the second star to LeBron James, and Cleveland has already heard from over a dozen interested teams.

But former Cavs forward Drew Gooden sees another way to resolve the mess in Cleveland: a fight between LeBron and Kyrie.

TMZ: What do you think could happen to solve this?

Gooden: Either, it’s gotta be a move, or it’s gonna have to be a square fade.

TMZ: If they went head-to-head — 

Gooden: That’s the only way.

TMZ: You think guys could catch a fade and come out of it stronger as friends, as teammates.

Gooden: I don’t know. But I think that’s the only two ways to do it.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith claimed sources told him James does in fact want to beat Irving up. But James quickly shut that report down on Twitter.

If this fight happens, I’m putting my life savings on LeBron.

[TMZ via Bleacher Report]

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