LeBron James no call. While it seemed clear that LeBron James was fouled at the end of Saturday’s Lakers vs. Celtics game, it controversially was not called.

The fourth quarter of Saturday’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics ended in controversy when LeBron James drove to the basket in a tie game. Normally, one may read that and think that LeBron benefited from a questionable foul call. More often than not, that would probably be the correct interpretation. This time, though, it was the exact opposite.

Things were already wild down the stretch of the fourth quarter. Los Angeles broke a late tie with a tremendous putback dunk from Patrick Beverley. Boston tied the game later, when Jaylen Brown made a basket down three, was awarded a debatable and-one, then made the game-tying field goal. The Lakers, though, still had time to break the tie and seemed poised to do just that.

LeBron drove to the hoop and while his shot missed, he was fouled by Jayson Tatum. Only, the foul wasn’t called.

Announcer Jeff Van Gundy blasted the officials for missing the clear foul call.

Van Gundy was not the only person to criticize the no-call. Basketball fans everywhere were quite frustrated with the blatant miss.

Even The Ringer’s Bill Simmons, a noted Celtics fan and Laker-hater, criticized the no-call, albeit in sarcastic fashion.

Boston led throughout overtime and came away with a 125-121 win.

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