LeBron James following Game 3 against the Memphis Grizzlies. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Despite rumors to the contrary, LeBron James won’t be involved in the Los Angeles Lakers head coaching search. At least that’s what one NBA insider is saying.

ESPN’s Brian Windhost says that James will leave who will be the team’s next head coach up to ownership.

“LeBron does not want to be involved in the coaching search,” said Windhurst. “He does not want to have this coach on his shoulders. This is the Lakers’ decision.”

Not everyone will buy what Windy is trying to sell. They will point out the fact that when former Lakers head coach Davin Ham was fired, James and his Lakers teammates didn’t stand up for their head coach.

They will also point to his relationship with JJ Redick. Redick’s name has been on the top of the Lakers’ coaching search with many assuming it’s because of his relationship with podcasting partner LeBron.

The Lakers aren’t dumb. They know to keep LeBron James around for another year and happy, that they will ask him what he thinks about this guy or that guy.

And regardless of what is being reported, James will have a say so in who the Lakers will have as their next head coach, one way or another. It doesn’t hurt that Redick and James already have an established relationship.

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