LeBron James is on record as wanting to be a global icon, and he’s recently begun branching out into showbiz.

He was very good as himself in Trainwreck, the Amy Schumer romantic comedy where James played a patient-turned-friend of Bill Hader’s sports surgeon. Now LeBron’s production company has reportedly sold a medical drama centered around a similar character.

Via TheWrap:

LeBron James has sold his first scripted project to NBC through his SpringHill Entertainment banner, TheWrap has learned.

The untitled script follows a doctor who specializes in treating the world’s top athletes. But when he is plagued by a health crisis of his own, he must consult with a sports psychologist to change his approach to medicine. NBC bought the script with a penalty commitment.

James will executive produce with his partner Maverick Carter. Nicolas Falacci and Cheryl Heuton will also executive produce and will serve as writers and showrunners should the show get picked up to series. Matt O’Neill will write the script, with Dr. James Andrews serving as a consultant on the show.

The key element, of course, is Dr. James Andrews consulting. (Does Dr. Andrews have a time machine? He’s seemingly always available at a moment’s notice. Whenever an athlete suffers an injury, he’s ready to see them and offer an opinion with a shockingly quick turnaround time, and how he’s consulting for network television programming.)

James is seemingly laying the groundwork for what very well could be a seamless post-career transition to the entertainment world. As TheWrap notes, it’s not the only project he’s working on:

He is also an executive producer on the Starz series “Survivor’s Remorse.”In October, James signed on to executive produce a new game show called “The Wall” for NBC. Chris Hardwick will also executive produce, in addition to hosting the show.He is also attached to the CNBC reality series “Cleveland Hustle,” in which he and Carter will give four aspiring local entrepreneurs the chance to realize their own dreams while they help revitalize a neighborhood in Cleveland.

LeBron will also, presumably, find time to continue being one of (probably still the) best basketball player in the world for a few more years as well.

The world sadly still awaits Space Jam 2 news.


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