LeBron James has not been shy about how happy he’s been that he and the Cavaliers were able to bring Cleveland its first championship in over five decades. And he shouldn’t be.

LeBron got plenty of attention when he wore a Kermit sipping tea hat when the Cavaliers landed back in Cleveland after winning the NBA Finals. It was a funny thing after the Finals, and that appeared to be all that there would be to it.

But LeBron has taken it to another level with this:

But that’s none of my business right!?!? #TheLand #StriveForGreatness #TheKidFromAkron #JamesGang

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The hat features Kermit wearing a king’s crown, sipping from the Larry O’Brien trophy, while wearing a Cavaliers jersey. I’m not sure there’s a better way that the hat could have been set up.

You can’t blame LeBron for enjoying this. It’s something he’s worked for his entire life. He did what many said he couldn’t do, and it’s a pretty fun spin on a good meme, just like what we do with Crying Jordan.

Go ahead, Bron.


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