Behold, Lonzo Ball’s totally overpriced signature shoe from Big Baller Brand!

Future top NBA draft pick Lonzo Ball, and his father LaVar Ball, decided that Lonzo would not sign a shoe deal with Nike, Adidas, Under Armour or any other major shoe brand, because, unsurprisingly, none would license LaVar’s self-created Big Baller Brand.

Ball also reportedly wanted his son’s shoe to sell in “in the $200 tier.”

Today, the brand announced its own shoe … for a whopping $495!

They also announced some flip flops—sorry, sorry, “slides”—for $220.

The shoes are fine, I guess, but obviously, nearly $500 is way too much for any basketball shoe, or really any shoe. So is $220 for a pair of flip flops.

It’s unlikely anyone buys these shoes, but at least we can still have fun with them.

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