Whatever Luka Dončić is doing right now, it’s working. And if that includes enjoying a beer on game day, well, who would we be to tell him that’s not what you’re supposed to do?

The Slovenian star of the Dallas Mavericks is coming off a Game 7 performance against the 1-seed Phoenix Suns in which he scored as many first-half points as his opponents did, finishing with 35 in the victory. He’s also averaging 32.7 points in the playoffs during his entire career, second only to Michael Jordan. LeBron James recently said Luka is his favorite player and now he’s got the Mavs back in the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2011.

Dallas is getting ready to open the series against the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night, so you have to assume that every player is doing what they need to do to be in prime condition.

According to a tweet that made the rounds on Wednesday, it would have appeared that Luka prepared for the big game by enjoying a breakfast beer along with teammate Boban Marjanović.

While many NBA traditionalists are probably clutching their pearls at the idea of a star player drinking beer on the day of an important basketball game, the NBA world absolutely loves the sight of the two Slavic superstars (and Slavic assistant coach Igor Kokosov) presumably preparing for playoff battle.

Of course, as we’ve all learned by now, you can’t just assume that everything you see on the internet is true and a report out of the Mavericks organization says that the photo is old and not from Wednesday. Ah well, the NBA world still had a lot of fun assuming it and perhaps the legend will live on no matter what, especially if Luka drops 40 on Wednesday night.

UPDATE: The restaurant in question, Sens, confirmed to SFGate that the photo was taken on Tuesday when the Mavericks were there as part of a team meal.

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