Luka Dončić

By the letter of the rulebook, carrying can be called in nearly every possession of an NBA game. Players carry the ball so frequently that when they actually get called for it, they don’t quite know how to respond.  That was not a problem, though, for Luka Dončić on Friday night, as his Dallas Mavericks took on the Miami Heat.

Late in the third quarter, Dončić drove into the lane and kicked the ball out to Josh Green. Green’s ensuing shot was good. Only, it didn’t count, as Dončić was whistled for carrying the ball. He argued the call when it happened. But the next Dallas possession is when things got interesting — and funny.

Dončić was being guarded by Miami’s Victor Oladipo at the three-point line. Rather than drive or pass, Luka pulled up and shot, nailing the step-back three. His response? Luka looked at the referee and made a clearly mocking carrying motion.

A lot of fans watching loved Luka’s reaction — or at least thought it was hilarious.

Others wondered why he didn’t get a technical foul.

Finally, there was one other inescapable point. Before his step-back three, Luka traveled again.

Fortunately for Dončić and the referees, the carry and no-carry calls were never going to make much of a difference in the game. The Mavericks won, 115-90, with Luka’s 34 points leading both teams.

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