Mo Bamba Austin Rivers fight.

What happened on the court during Friday night’s game between the Orlando Magic and Minnesota Timberwolves took a backseat to the game’s major storyline — a brawl. While Thursday’s fight between Dillon Brooks and Donovan Mitchell resulted in just those two getting ejected, this brawl yielded five ejections.

The altercation occurred in the third quarter when Timberwolves veteran Austin Rivers seemed to say something to the Magic bench, particularly toward Magic center Mo Bamba.

It’s unclear exactly what Rivers said to spur the brawl, but whatever it was quickly agitated Bamba. He proceeded to throw a punch at Rivers and then run and grab him. This led to other players getting involved, quickly followed by both coaching staffs jumping in to try and stop the melee.

Rivers practically had to be tackled by an assistant coach to keep him away from Magic players. Both Bamba and Rivers were ejected along with Jalen Suggs, Taureen Prince and Jaden McDaniels.

It is extremely rare to see a fight break out between a player in the game and someone else on the bench. Many took notice of this wild brawl and took to social media to offer their reactions.

There will likely be suspensions and almost certainly will be fines issued to those involved in this brawl. It will also be interesting to see whether or not whatever Rivers said will be made public by those on the Magic bench after the conclusion of the game.

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