Adam Silver in 2018.

A man in New York was reportedly arrested Friday for threatening to kill Adam Silver if he wasn’t allowed to play in the NBA.

According to TMZ, Queens native David Pyant emailed NBA league offices to say, “If you don’t let me play, I’m going to come up there and kill you with my fucking gun.” Shockingly, that message did not win Pyant a 10-day contract but instead earned him an aggravated harassment charge and a temporary restraining order that requires him to stay away from Silver.

It does not seem as though Pyant — who has 13 prior arrests, per the New York Post — has any professional or major college basketball experience. That means he was just a regular dude who wanted to play in the NBA and thought a threatening email to the commissioner (who, of course, does not control teams’ personnel decisions) would make it happen. Maybe it was worth a try?

For all you kids at home dreaming of one day starring in the NBA… this is definitely, definitely not the way to go about it.

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  1. If it were Canada, and the guy threatened to kill Gary Bettman, he’d get elected Prime Minister.

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